We just recently had an interview with the vice chairman of j stone management group & co
J stone management group & co is north American im-print management record label , founded by four young investors determined to showcase the roasters of talents coming out of Canada in particular Toronto ,ca and other Canadian cities such as Montreal and Ottawa with there Being a few major im-print record labels in Toronto such as ovo , xo J stone management group & co is a modern day Management Record label with recognized divisions of castings and Sport’s management divisions and also global sponsorships endorsements making it the first independent parent im-print management Label in Canada .

The agency is based of affiliated booking agency world-wide to whom perform their duties online with j stone management group & co data system called the – direct cpu- management tool ( D.C.M.T) .
the agency has multiple talent directors that Manage their own portfolios/client’s , J STONE MANAGEMENT GROUP & CO is allied with agents that have a well-founded reputation in the north American urban industry most notable is Kevin Douglas to whom is the vice chairman of the casting Divisions and is also he is currently the Ceo of A Morden day media streaming company called worldwide entertainment Tv .

MR Douglas explains to us the Breakdown on the agency’s reputation, he details/explains to us that the agency’s is a young founded modern talent agency’s with worldwide affiliates such as promoters, major Record labels and also , independent record labels with brand sponsorships endorsements globally j stone management group & co is Also A Venture capitalist globally for brand sponsorships and brand campaigning FOR ARTIST AND BRANDS , Overall j stone management group & co is to be founded as a well-Organized agency’s with multiple jurisdictions of distribution and publishing for its clients and brands world-wide now servicing over 11,3500 music distributors globally .

For more information about this agency’s check out their website for further information on industry advice from agents, actors, and models and many more content.
Stay connect with j stone management group & co @ www.jstonemgmtgroup.com
Find them on social media @ jsmg the label