ADDY C might be only 8 years old, but don’t be fooled by her youth. She is already an accomplished musical performer, with the ability to sing in two different language. Don’t believe me? Let the music do the talking and treat yourself to a live, uncut and completely unaltered performance of “Will you still love me tomorrow”, which you can stream from the Youtube embed below.

ADDY C’s vocals are melodic and catchy, yet very emotionally rich and sophisticated. Her sound combines the vibrant appeal of pop with the upbeat flow of the best Latin grooves, making for a unique and direct feel.

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Addy C is quickly making heads turn with her amazing vocal and magnetic personality. She had been dreaming about becoming a star ever since she was even younger, and if she keeps following her direction, the road ahead won’t be long for her!

Find out more about ADDY C and stay tuned to follow the artistic growth and upcoming activities of this talented young performer: