VN.SAVAN makeup brush cleaner and dryer got some high quality stuff to offer. They are a small family owned business that advocates for clean makeup brushes. Using dirty makeup brushes can make your skin prone to acne and irritation. It is highly imperative to wash your brushes at least every day after using them. If we clean our brushes every week we will prevent the spread of bacteria. You don’t have to wait all weekend long to use your makeup brushes. You can use them right after you clean them. It only takes you under 30 seconds to clean them. Happy brushes will make your skin 10X more cleaner!

The best thing about this company is that they appreciate each and every one of their customers. With each purchase you will receive two gifts: a waterproof makeup travel bag and a face sponge. The face sponge either comes at random of blue or pink. The handle of the cleaner is a sleek black and rose gold color.