Luxury Beauty Cosmetics are on a mission to help you unleash your fierce, gorgeous inner goddess. From chic liquid lipsticks to dramatic eyeshadow palettes, their luxurious, cruelty-free products give stylish makeup-loving women the performance and quality they want at the affordable price they deserve.

They are based in The Netherlands, their CEO Danique Motzheim has always been a high-end makeup maven. Collecting all the beautiful mascaras and luscious lipsticks produced by top brands proved to be an extremely expensive addiction. So Danique set out to develop a new brand of luxury quality cosmetics with reasonable price tags. Luxury Beauty Cosmetics was born.

They are a community of high luxury beauties who’ve created a line of elegant, long-lasting beauty products made with top-quality ingredients that provide the wear time, finish and packaging customers need and expect at prices they can afford. No need to spend all of your hard-earned money on overpriced beauty brands. They’ve got you covered with everything you need to feel fierce, look fabulous and keep your money in the bank.

You’re guaranteed to turn heads.

They will be officially launching in January 2018.

You can check them out at