Kwema has developed a wearable to provide help to women in emergency situations. The startup has put together design and technology to create a smart jewelry to enhance women’s personal safety. “We are launching a stylish bracelet that allows women to summon help discretely at the click of a button,” says Carmiña Santamaría, Founder & CEO.

Kwema created a bracelet with a built-in panic button, when the alarm is triggered the bracelet syncs with the mobile app and sends an alert with your GPS location to friends, family, local authorities/campus police and, more importantly, other users nearby through the app.

This is the power of Kwema – its ability to contact nearby users, creating a support network wherever the user goes. Imagine a crowd ready to go help when you most need it. What’s more, imagine if this crowd could be activated with a click of a button on your bracelet. Well, that’s exactly what Kwema is building, anyone can download Kwema’s app and be part of the first responder network to help in emergency situations.

Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos

“1 in 5 women is sexually assaulted during her college years. This data is unacceptable, but there is one that’s’ even worse. In a survey made last year by the Association of American Universities, 1 in 4 female college students suffered sexual assault. Anyway, it would still be an ugly number if the proportion were 1 in 1.000”, says Carmiña. Other stats show that 98% of victims of human trafficking that end up being sexually exploited are women.

“Ending violence against women is the first step to really achieving gender equality”, says Carmiña. “We want to empower women by creating safer communities”. To solve this problem, the company is initially focusing in the U.S., nevertheless the product is much needed in many other countries. The good news is that they are already working on the logistics for their international launch this 2017.

Kwema is now available for pre-orders only. The company estimates that the bracelet will be shipped in the second quarter of 2017. The app is already available on Apple Store and Google Play.