Lilly DennisThe Nice Girls is a series produced by Branching Out Productions set to be released in late 2016.  The series stars many on the rise actors, who play actors not so on the rise.  The series is about three young actresses in LA, all best friends, all actors, all type cast as the ‘nice girl’.  Any actor can tell you the torture of accepting your ‘type’ and the frustration that comes along with pretending to be something you’re not for the sake of that small non-union role.  It’s painful and soul wrenching, not to mention what it does to you as an artist.
The entire series will focus on the honest reality of being an actor in LA, it isn’t sugar coated or made to look pretty for the sake of TV, it is raw and truthful.  Actors are a large bread but a unique one, many people think they can be an actor but very few actually accomplish the status of ‘working actor’.  And of course what would be a bunch of actors without some dramatic tribulations of the heart?  The series is not Gossip Girl and it’s not Glee, it is a show of its very own.  And hopefully for once a wide audience will be able to view the real life of an actor and not just the glamor of movie stars.
The series is set to be a big hit and features actors such as Hannah Juin, who co-wrote the series, Lilly Dennis and Ximena Casillas.  It has also been released that the series will feature many surprising and well known guest stars which we can’t wait to see either.