The Meditation or Spinning Rings are the modern spiritual piece of fashionable jewelry originated from Tibetan Buddhist’s “Wheel Prayer”, with the belief that the spinning motion of the sacred prayers can harvest good vibration, positive energy, good karma, and calm the mind.

Meditation Spinners are handcrafted in Israel, all the Meditation or Spinning Rings are made from the highest levels of quality and materials. Thousands of the wearers have been using Spinning Rings to reduce stress and anxiety. With the hope that Spinning Rings can bring you peace, serenity, and happiness. They are offering $25 off any Meditation Spinner purchase until November 14, 2016. All purchases are honoured with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, simply return it to them. Visit to browse the full collection while limited quantities available. You can  Follow them at  MeditationSpinner on Facebook and Instagram.