People always wonder why someone else is successful and they are not. We suspect there is a simple answer in there somewhere. Perhaps it’s because the ones who make it are the ones who never give up and who are persistent until they get to be where they want to be. All you have to do is look at all the great movie actors to see that they all have that tenacity and determination plus talent in common. Gioya Tuma-Waku the African actress also has that same thread running through her. She is tenacious and talented and we can clearly see that nothing can ever stop her from becoming one of the top actors, not only in L.A. but internationally too.

Currently, Gioya is getting ready to perform in and produce two upcoming feature films. One is called As You Find Me, produced by Hardly Famous, and the other is a movie titled Cherry Chapstick, to be directed by James Avelar from Calixto Films. Gus Eid, who Gioya worked with on his film Am I High Yet? has also offered her the lead in two shorts that he has written.

Some of the films Gioya has been in are: Bloggers, which is about the ancient African philosophy of “Ubuntu,” which guides the journey of six multinational blogging entrepreneurs who come together in Los Angeles to develop a blogging business. Shine Bright” is a film about two sisters who must deal with love, life and conflict after a tragedy occurs. She has also had lead and featured roles in Suicide Roadtrip with Steve-O, Intruder, Between Forever and Love Up to mention but a few.

Gioya is also a popular actress on the Internet. The first season of the web series Dreamchaserz is in the can, so to speak, and Gioya played a role that was specifically written just for her. She is looking forward to season two and three. She recently went to work at Warner Bros studio as a Voice Actor for CBS All Access’  TV show Star Trek.

Gioya has been acting most of her life and she enjoys playing characters with attitude or even outright bad characters. She also recently played a character named Ketia who was truly complex and she found that it was quite enjoyable to explore Ketia’s inner self. The character was Congolese, which Gioya can relate to directly due to her own personal background.