THE CALIFORNICATION is a blog that has become a source of inspiration for people in Italy, Germany and all around the World, dedicated to men’s passions: fashion, sport, travel, music and movies. Blog was created by an inspirational photographer and blogger Salva Davide Mirisola. The blog is a real inspiration and I would definitely recommend our readers to visit and subscribe. Before I leave you with the blog here is some information about the blogger Salva Davide Mirisola.

salva Davide Mirisola

He was born in Mazzarino (Sicily). At the age of eleven he left Italy with his parents and sister and moved to Karlsruhe, Germany. A few years later he started to take interest in dancing but after moving to Berlin photography became his passion and he specialized in fashion. So he continued his professional career as a photographer, quickly obtaining magazine covers and collaborations with top international brands and also worked for an international Model Agency as Booker.

His passion to explore more was always there so along with his friend Liliana Capari he launched an online mag  EQUAL MAGAZINE  focusing on Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle for Man and Woman.

After its success the next thing he did was to launch this blog ‘THE CALIFORNICATION’ that has all the ingredients of an entertainment and fashion blog. So its time to Change your lifestyle with – THE CALIFORNICATION.