After his return from some well-deserved relaxation in Hawaii last year, Sam returned with a renewed determination to finish his book, The Best How to Sell Book; Think the Think. I have been flying cross country a lot for business, he said, but this time it was just something I spontaneously felt like I needed. I also knew it was time to ruffle some feathers in some of these big corporate leather chairs, and tell it like it really is! It was time to slap fake mantra in the face – and set the perceptions and actions straight, for new and hopeful selling professionals.

The Best How to Sell Book; Think the Think

The message is clear in this book! No need to “walk the walk” or “Talk the Talk” – it’s time we “Think the Think”, because really, this “Fake it till you make it” BS just has to go! There are real and genuine win-win systems that govern “Selling”.  @thinkthethink