Romane Portail

Blackpills, the streaming platform began its service in 15 European countries along with Canada and the U.S.  It launched in May of 2017 and specializes in short series that can be viewed on mobile devices. One of the series that is getting a lot of pre-release raves is called Fearless. Each episode is shot in English and is ten minutes long. Fearless is a ten episode series and it features one of our favorite actresses, Romane Portail.

She’s the lovely and very talented French actress who is currently based in London. Before that she lived and worked in Paris for ten years. She originally came from a small village near Orléans where her family lived above the quaint restaurant they owned and operated. When Romane was 16 she auditioned for and was accepted into the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts of Orléans, which was quite an honor. Not only is that school famous but she was personally selected by and studied under Jean Claude Cottillard, Marion Cottillard’s father.  After three years of training she was then accepted into one of the best acting schools in France, the ENSATT (National Drama School). By the way, Romane was one of only twelve actors selected for admission. The other 792 actors most likely applied again the next year.

Romane has been in countless films and TV series, including the fabulous and very popular Netflix production of Sense 8. She worked with the Washowski sisters (The Matrix Trilogy) on that project. Other TV series credits include, “Simple question de temps” ; with Philippe Caroit in “Mallory”; and with Sagamore Stévenin in “Falco”. One of the movies she was in was the notable “Le fils de Jean” alongside Pierre Deladonchamps (cesar- winning actor) by Philippe Lioret (the well-known French director).

Romane Portail

Romane is a well established actress in Paris and she is now developing her international career in London and Los Angeles, where she recently signed with one of Hollywood’s biggest agencies, Mosaic. In London she recently played the lead character in the series Urban Jungle where the animals go wild and the humans are the hunted ones.

When she was shooting Fearless, Romane had to have special weapons training and physical coaching for that role. She enjoyed every minute of it just like she does when she’s in front of a camera playing a character. Ah…the actor’s life. What a way to go.