Summer Sparks

Summer Sparks a TV Psychic Medium that been in contact with the spiritual world since she was a very young child, decided to finally assume her gift I’m the year or 2019 and leave her 15 year job as a restaurant manager to start to dedicate herself full time to the Spiritual World and her ability to communicate with our beloved ones.

She is from Portugal but been living in England since 2006 and still got a lovely Portuguese accent.
Summer is working to be recognise in the middle of so many psychics nowadays and she says that it’s her honesty and her warm personality that is open doors for her.

Summer Sparks psychic

She works for a TV programme called Psychic Today but she also got her own Podcast called Ask Summer, we can find her on Spotify, Deezer, Googlepodcast,Podcastaddicts…
Or We on her little show also called Ask Summer on her Facebook page Summer Sparks SS, always on Sunday nights or randomly in the week,which they will became more often in the New Year.
@SummerSparkSS page on Facebook or YouTube Channel Psychic Medium Summer Sparks