Qlaces no tie shoelaces are a quick and easy replacement for traditional shoelaces. These tieless shoelaces are functional products that can turn any pair of boots, running shoes, sports shoes or any type of shoes that needs laces, into slip-on, making it comfortable for people to take them on and off in no time. Qlaces are made of durable material and switching to them is a breeze. All one has to do is remove the current laces from their shoes and slide in the tieless shoelaces from Qlaces. They work perfectly with all kind of shoes that one can own.

Qlaces are made of a durable elastic material that enables them to withstand wear and tear. They offer excellent elastic performance that reduces stress and pressure point on the surface of the feel allowing for greater comfort. Whether one is looking for comfort or style, they can use no tie shoelaces from Qlaces in any way they want. If one needs a classic fit, they need to thread the Qlaces straight across for a comfortable fit. For those into sports, Qlaces will give your feet a snuggle fit that make your foot more comfortable comparing to traditional shoelaces. The beauty of these shoelaces is that they only required installing or setup once and they will never have to adjust nor tie the laces again.