Many people all over the world are faced everyday with the horror of cancer.  However not everyone can face the reality of it.  In 2016 a film will be released which will showcase the honest reality of the lives of cancer patients and what they find to be ‘normal’.  The Charlie Cure is a feature film that explores the journey of a group of young women in a cancer support group.

THE CHARLIE CUREThe film is based around the story of the group’s newest member, Sofia, played by Mexican actress Ximena Casillas, who hasn’t recently been diagnosed as terminal and her friendship with Alexis, a cancer survivor, played by actress Lilly Dennis.  It’s worth talking about the beautiful fact that despite having two lead female actresses in this film the other lead actress is a cat; London the cat to be precise.  London, who plays the character of Charlie the cat, is the sole heart of the film.  Without disclosing any  spoilers it can safely be said that this tiny, cute animal is able to show a new meaning to curing cancer.

In a recent press interview with the cast, Dennis spoke about what the film hopes to achieve, “We truly hope that this film opens people’s eyes to the reality of others.” This film pin points a powerful message that no matter how big the obstacle in front of you or how life alerting one moment can be, there is nothing more powerful than love and friendship.