Have you ever been to Jubilee? It won’t be possible physically but you can have a virtual tour by listening to the single ‘Peaches’ under the project Jubilee. Actually Jubilee is the brainchild of Brazilian-American artist Gia Cezar A.K.A ZSA ZSA. She along with her brother Jordan founded an indie music label and production company called Common Luxury LLC back in 2016. And Jubilee is their company’s debut production. So coming back to the Jubilee, it’s a fantasy realm from the dream world of Gia. So she has put her imaginations into lyrics and the result is this beautiful and fascinating track ‘Peach’. Have you ever enjoyed the garden full of peaches? Or the delicious taste or aspiring smell of the peaches? No matter if you haven’t, you will surely enjoy the “peaches” by Gia. It’s is an inspiring song that will take you to the world of imagination. The title fits the song perfectly. The music is soothing and puts you in a good mood. The catchy beat and their voices make you want to give it another listen. The track is somewhat dynamic, yet relaxing. It’s is a good song to listen to whenever you’re depressed or when you feel like you want to run away from the reality. I believe that you won’t regret if you give it a try.   For further music and updates you can follow her on https://www.instagram.com/whereisjubilee/?hl=en https://jubilee11.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUD4K4i-8F9veH47tNQyVfA?view_as=subscriber https://smarturl.it/whereisjubilee https://open.spotify.com/artist/7zKQ5oAIpVJVatbxtxcTBe?si=8X-ilk6tRf-wDSZQ_ObPMg&nd=1 https://soundcloud.com/user-627966569