I was on the Daily Mail mobile app one morning while getting my starbucks and waiting in the line , and something caught my eye . A girl in a beautiful jacket , with a Barbie like face , they were calling her the new hot designer with clients such as Beyonce , Kylie Jenner , Kim K and many more . Wow i thought!! When have you seen a beautiful YOUNG woman being such success ? Most of them are insta ‘models’ with no life goals , faking their perfect lifestyle. So i researched some more and as i google Ollia , articles from Vogue , ELLE , And other glamorous magazines come out. The girl is going places .. I discovered via her IG which was very hard to find as she has 100 fakes , that she is following Donatella Versace foot steps and dropping fur all together . Her label ‘Tzarina By Ollia ‘ mainly deals with outwear , some fur and faux furs . As an animal lover i completely applaud her for moving into another niche . Shockingly Ariana Grande who is a self proclaimed vegetarian is one of her best clients ! But since Ollia is done with fur , I am excited to see what she will do next ! The rumour in the fashion circles is that she is doing active wear, and wellness . Beauty and brains , this is what we must aspire to, not what social media is projecting upon us via constantly naked ‘models’ .