It seems that the current trend lately has been to criticize millennials for being lazy, unmotivated, and entitled. While these points may very well be true to a certain degree, there’s a select few who have been challenging this notion.


This brings in Moses Yonas, a 20 year old entrepreneur from Maryland whose been slowly making waves with his online academic writing service  Controversy surrounds the company, as many educators believe that services like his allow students to bypass writing based assignments. For Moses Yonas, it’s strictly business.

“I started back in late 2015 during my freshman year. Someone posted online that they needed an essay written, I wrote their paper and they loved it. They told their friends about me and the rest is history”

Soon enough, his one man operation became a bit too much to handle on his own. This prompted the creation of EssayCrate LLC. Using the money he made from writing, Yonas had a website developed and a 9 person team consisting of support staff and talented freelance writers.

Easy enough right? Not exactly.

Yonas states “When it comes to the world of business, it’s an emotional roller coaster without a guaranteed payoff. There were nights where I felt confident and on top of the world, then there were nights where I’d be paranoid and wondering what would happen if it didn’t work out.”

Many individuals who go through the process of entrepreneurship end up having their business fail in its infancy. Often times it comes down to poor planning or simply the trials and tribulations that cause most to wilt. For those who can stay consistent, like a coal under pressure a diamond may begin to form.

“My motivation was the fact that I can’t sing, I can’t act, and I’m not exactly the best looking guy around. Everything that I’ve ever been great at came from my ability to strategize and execute. Which is exactly what the world of business is.”

In the last 1.5 years that Moses created EssayCrate, the company has been able to complete close to 600 orders. A remarkable feat that would leave many satisfied.

“It’s an accomplishment that I’m proud of, but the feeling disappears pretty quickly. With me it’s always about outdoing myself the next time and seeing the numbers grow. I won’t pretend like I’m not excited, but with every goal I complete I’m always looking to take out the next milestone. I don’t think I’ll be able to be satisfied until my bank statement shows a few extra zeros.”

Although Moses’s journey to success might be deemed controversial or unethical, it’s easy to see that his mind for business and success is well beyond his years. In a weird way it’s refreshing compared to other young talents such as Kylie Jenner, Jaden Smith, and Danielle Bregoli who gained their notoriety through less than admirable means. When asked about this, Moses had a different response to their place in modern pop culture.

“It doesn’t make sense for me to criticize or be resentful towards them. They capitalized on their resources just like I’m trying to capitalize on mine. To be jealous or angry towards them only reflects on your own insecurity. They’re the faces of this generation, but give me a bit more time and I think I can be the new face of young success.”

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