AMAZE is a boutique designer and manufacturer of hip and trendy lifestyle products for young entrepreneurs, innovators and movers & shakers. They strongly believe that to succeed in any goal, our brains need constant reminders – especially during the tough times.

Here is how their startup story. I was impressed so sharing it here with my readers as well. It will help you understand the brand a much better way.

When we first started our businesses, we looked for inspiring accessories to remind us to stay focused on the road ahead. But everything out there was just so lame! Who says business has to be boring? Out with the cubicles, suits and ties – they’re so last century! Today, many young entrepreneurs are living the laptop lifestyle – and who needs a tie while lolling on a beach in Thailand?

Well, our entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and we decided to come up with our own brand of awesome gear for people just like us – risk-takers who want to make it big. A brand that captures the adventurous combative spirit and helps to funnel the positive energy we need to get things done.

And so, we came up with AMAZE – a cool, new brand of amazing gear that motivates you and gets you where you want to be. We cover a lot of ground, too — T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, phone cases… and we’re adding hot, new products all the time! Check back often to see what’s new.

That’s really an inspiring startup.

At AMAZE, they’re passionate about bringing out the best in people – inspiring them to go the extra mile to make it to the top. When they began their own entrepreneurial journeys, they wanted products like these for themselves. Now, they want to share them with their customers.