If you are planning to refurnish your home or want to improve the look of your house what would be your first choice? In the past to make house more appealing and attractive we used to go for the whitewash, changing wallpapers in the house or placing new plants etc in the garden. All that used to cost so much money and time. But the latest solution for home and garden improvement is to lightening up the garden. It is the best way to bring attraction and new look to your home and garden.

Whether you want to enhance your garden’s feel or increase your home’s curb appeal, lighting is the main thing playing a vital role in adding a wow factor to your garden. To succeed at what you’re doing, you must follow the right techniques. Although lighting in the garden seems a simple job but actually it isn’t. You have to be experienced in it or need to consult someone who is full of garden lighting ideas. Embarking on a project of transformation of a garden through light requires knowledge and perseverance.

As hiring someone will definitely cost you so much and if you love variations every now and then and love to try different combination of lights then it will be a tough ask hiring someone again and again. The best solution I can recommend you is to checkout the book on garden lighting by Mario Frau. He is an expert and highly skilled writer who got plenty of garden lighting ideas to share with you in his latest book Garden Lighting : Enlighten you knowledge. Garden Lighting” is about giving the appropriate light to a garden and creating effects through light. He has put into words his worldwide experience in garden design and lighting so that anyone could transform their garden.

So if you want to apply variant ideas on decorating your garden with lighting this book will prove to be a blessing in disguise for you. You will come across so many ways to lighting up your garden in this book. The book covers all the important aspect of lighting and brings you “unique lighting solutions” so you can add a real touch of sophistication to your garden. Author has not only put practical examples in the book but also placed real life pictures to make things even more simple for the readers. It will surely enlighten your knowledge on this matter.

As Mario Frau says

‘’In my book“Garden Lighting”, I have put into words my worldwide experience in garden design and lighting so that anyone could transform their garden. This book will change the way you see your garden and your life – you will be able to live the garden and not just to own it.’’

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And good thing is, its not the only book by Mario Frau. He has written three books so far and all of them earned a lot of appreciation from the readers and are still being sold largely.

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So if you looking to enhance your garden or bring a new look to your home this book is a must have.  And if you still got any questions, you can get some idea from the video below.