I am a big fan of yoga. Few days back I saw my instructor wearing CHAKRA Bracelet. I asked her the reason and she told me that she used to feel stressed and had problems in her everyday life. So she started to wear these bracelets made from real stones and now she feels like the happiest women in the universe. She recommended me to have these bracelets as well and now I am recommending them to you.

We all do feel stress in our lives, careers and relationships. Once you start to wear these bracelet, you would feel happy, relaxed and stress free.  Question is where to buy the real stones bracelet ? And how do you know which one would be  good for you. As per my personal experience and recommendation you should go for  Lava Bead Mala Bracelet with 7 Chakra Authentic Stones. You can find one on store. Apart from spiritual and mental benefits there are other benefits as well. The Lava beads are awesome because you can add your favorite essential oils to them and it will diffuse them around you during the day as you wear them.You can also find VIDA Essential Oils on the same store. And this bracelet has an amazing and precious look, you will fall in love with this.

Lava Bead Mala Bracelet with 7 Chakra Authentic Stones

Lava Bead Mala Bracelet with 7 Chakra Authentic Stones


I was actually visiting this site to buy some bracelet to gift to my cousin. He was feeling stressed out since last few days and was so much confused about his life and relationships.  Luckily I came across Tiger’s Eye Beaded Bracelet with Adjustable Golden Clasp. The price was reasonable (Also got further discount) so purchased and sent to my cousin. Asked him to wear and also start yoga. He hasn’t taken it off since then and feel relaxed when the bracelet is on his wrist.

Tiger's Eye Beaded Bracelet with Adjustable Golden Clasp

Tiger’s Eye Beaded Bracelet with Adjustable Golden Clasp


Another thing that impressed me so much about them is their refund policy. Not many online stores offer such refunding options like they did. If you don’t like the jewelry you received you can return and get the full refund no questions ask. They would like to sell to the customers who are happy to have their products (I am sure with such products and customer service they would have more than 99% satisfaction rate). If you don’t like they are happy to send your money back. Such things makes our trust more solid on the quality and genuineness of their products.



To checkout the complete range visit now . I am sure you would end up buying one for yourself or to gift to your loved ones. And good thing is you don’t have wait too long to receive your parcel as they process and ship the orders within 24 hours in most of the cases.

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