Modern America has been built on years of the hard, honest labor of its working men and women. Its great cities are testament to that, and none more so than Pittsburgh.
In celebration of Pittsburgh’s working-class pedigree, two musical Pittsburgh stars have joined forces to bring you the hit song “Blue Collar” – up and coming rapper Jordan York and The Jaggerz legendary Jimmie Ross.
Jordan has made a name for himself in recent years with a number of Pittsburgh themed rap songs – honoring the great city and the state of Pennsylvania. Jimmie is a Pittsburgh legend, renowned for his rock guitar and vocals with The Jaggerz. So it won’t come as any surprise to you that the two of them make an awesome duo for “Blue Collar.”
The rap-rock song pays homage to the very soul of Pittsburgh – its working class, industrial heritage. Jordan and Jimmie give a huge shout out to those on the frontline of labor-intensive industries in Pennsylvania. Hard work and honest toil is still very to be found in Pennsylvania and helps to continue making it the great state that it is. You won’t then be surprised to hear the line in “Blue Collar”:
“This ain’t for you if you just graduated Harvard.”
Jordan and Jimmie make for a perfect fusion of two distinct genres of music coming together to give the hard-working people of Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania the recognition they deserve.
By blending rap and rock together, “Blue Collar” is the perfect analogy for how hard-work, collaboration and innovation shaped not only the song, but also defined Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania too.
“Blue Collar” is now available through all your major music outlets – enjoy!

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