Earlier this year the country has been experiencing deep fret and uncontrolled environments from covid-19. Omni 15 Recordings Inc is a American record label that has artists who have experienced lost tour dates, shows public appearances and more. As most of the music industry is using this time to record audio Omni 15 Inc has other plans in mind. They have managed to thrive in these conditions and adjust their content and artist content to the market’s consumption. The consumption we speak of is that music is being currently streamed at a steady number, but visual content has spiked in the recent months.

This spike leads Omni 15 Recordings Inc in position to create and release content as fast as they can shoot and edit. This labels approach leads them in gaining more traffic and separates them from other independent record labels in the industry. Omni 15 Recordings Inc has a bright future ahead and is headed in the right direction. The label has also been making a way for independent artists to sign. The interesting thing about this label is, they don’t take money from their freshman, sophomore artist. The structure is interesting and has been Reported by its CEO to be true. The Record Label takes on a completely independent structure usings the artist value to leverage the labels backing. Omni 15 Recordings Inc is always in search of new artists and finding new ways to innovate! Visit them on instagram @omni15recordings for more updates and interesting finds.