Looking for fashion apparel for your small dog that will rock your soul?
Barklyn New Yorkie can help. Our range of punk rock clothing items for a variety of small dog breeds is unlike anything you could ever come across. From gallic motif jackets, to unique leashes, and hoodies that will keep your little friend comfy and decidedly punk through the colder months of the year, there is a distinctive originality that seriously lacks in our current, ever-generic industry most definitely deserving a place in the dog fashion scene.
If you love punk rock fashion, and you haven’t introduced that love to your small dog, then you are seriously missing out!

Punk Rock Clothes For Small Dogs

Punk Rock Clothes For Small Dogs
The history of New York punk rock is pretty amazing, taken as a whole. While the British punk scene gave us such icons as the Sex Pistols, the Buzzcocks, and The Clash, the NY punk scene was something else altogether. This is the era in which Iggy Pop, The Ramones, Debbie Harry, and other figures established a unique brand of attitude and music. At the same time, the NY punk scene also gave us some pretty incredible fashions. Many of them continue to be popular to this day.

At Barklyn New Yorkie, we’ve taken our educational background through NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology, and combined it with our deep love and respect for punk rock fashion and punk history. The result is a luxe line of punk rock fashion emulated for the smaller dog breeds. Cut-off denim jackets,  layered hoodies, handmade patches, bronze chain and leather leashes, even t-shirts present you with a ton of ways to usher your pet into the future of small dog fashion. Whether you want to find one or two items to give your dog a hint of head turning fashion, or if you want to create a complete wardrobe that’s certain to make your companion command attention for your groundbreaking stylish pet, we have possibilities.

We believe in celebrating the natural coolness of old-school aesthetics. At the same time, we always want to find ways to become iconic for honoring its roots in the scene whilst also pushing the bounds and new territory. Our current line of punk rock apparel for dogs can work with a variety of breeds and small-to-medium sized dogs. We don’t think you have to be the biggest dog on the block to be the toughest looking. The right jacket, leash, and other items can serve to completely transform your dog. Best of all, these fashions can work wonders for your pet all throughout the year.