We are sharing our recent interview with Nina K. Roberts. Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers. Nina : Sure, I would love to : I am Nina. Through my company, Nina K. Roberts Hr & Business Consulting I teach entrepreneurs and small businesses how to hire, train, and lead confident teams. Furthermore, I assist professionals making career decisions that turn their experience and skills into growth and profit. I am a native German, mum to a 2 year old, and an always moving around the globe military spouse that currently lives on the US Eastcoast. Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking was not instilled in me from the start, but I have been learning it from scratch since elementary school, living and breathing it while spending time in and contributing to my mother’s personnel and event marketing agencies. While all of my friends were playing after school, I sat in my mum’s offices listening to staff trainings, sales pitches and board meetings. Now after 16 successful years in human resources and recruiting management, which included being a board member of a digital trading platform and a recruitment expert for several Fortune 500 companies,I felt that it was time to leave the corporate world to be able to offer proven HR solutions with a more holistic approach to professionals and entrepreneurs. Pro Media Mag: Who or what inspired you to get into this profession? Nina : I moved to London, UK when I was 17 for my Interior Design degree at the London Design School. I needed a job to finance my life in London and applied to Harrods-a high end retail store. This was the first time that I experienced high caliber recruitment structures and witnessed first hand their amazing recruitment and employer branding process which left an unforgettable impression and I was hooked immediately. You know, businesses don’t make products or offer services – people do. And I have always found that concept very exciting, to know that with HR you have the possibility to properly influence business and help people thrive. Pro Media Mag : Qualification or experience what’s the key to your success? Nina : I do not think there is THE ONE key to succes, and in my personal case I think it is a mixture of years and years of hands-on experience, God given intuition and a developed talent to quickly analyze the core of a problem and see solutions or new approaches that others arent seeing. Pro Media Mag : What was the motivation behind leaving corporate job and getting into consultancy? Nina : I knew that after years of very varied work experience I had a lot to offer but also knew that I wanted to offer my knowledge in a more holistic way. Furthermore I wanted more flexibility over the services I am offering and the freedom to work on my terms and schedule. Pro Media Mag : What kind of consultancy services you are offering at the moment? Nina : My business is split into two operational divisions, Career and Business. Both operate independently from each other, but side by side, often hand in hand with great international success. And I could not be happier than when I hear my clients say that NKR Consulting has become their secret weapon when it comes to their HR or career needs. The NKR Consulting Business Division focuses its services and team primarily on the very specific HR and business structure needs of international solo entrepreneurs, StartUps and smaller owner-managed companies from the creative and digital environment. By contrast, the Career Division of NKR focuses on boutique career coaching and job application consulting for professionals who want to succeed and catapult their careers to the next level. Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you have received so far? Nina : NKR HR Consulting Services was founded in Germany with its initial focus being soley on job application training and career counseling. When I kept getting approached by small businesses or startups asking for recruiting and talent management training I knew I was on to something. It is great that my services has been able to develop and respond based on my clients needs. Pro Media Mag : Have you set some goals to achieve? Nina : We all should always have goals we want to achieve because it gives a clear roadmap. I always tell my clients to separate between their goals and their mission though. The mission is the ultimate objective but goals are the tangible and measurable steps taken to get there.  Throughout the years my personal mission and goals have changed and so will yours. My business goals are very tangible and change from year to year. Pro Media Mag : Are you working on any new exciting projects? Nina : The fourth quarter of a year is always a busy time in my business. Persoanlly and business wise it is an exciting time – I got nominated for the Women Entrepreneur Award 2019 in the category “Inspirational Woman Entrepreneur 2019”, am working on a podcast and will be releasing an online course teaching entrepreurs hiring skills. So life will stay exciting here at NKR.