We are sharing our recent interview with CEO and publisher of consciousness magazine Mr Aaron Robinson.

Pro Media Mag: First of all tell us about the start of your professional career.
Aaron Robinson: In 2004 I was granted the opportunity to start a magazine titled Consciousness Magazine, in which I founded, where I also hold the position of President and Editor of Chief. I obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, and majored in graphic design. I am a professional Graphic Designer. I have an Associate’s Degree in Visual and Fine Arts. With those degrees, along with the knowledge that I accumulated along the way, I was able to create this successful publication.

Pro Media Mag: Who or what inspired you to launch Consciousness Magazine?
Aaron Robinson: I started Consciousness Magazine right after I graduated from Columbia College Chicago. It was a vision that I foreseen as I needed to bring awareness and inspiration to people. At the time I lived in a predominantly black, yet disadvantaged community on the Westside of Chicago. One day I was standing in a store on Chicago Avenue and had an epiphany moment. I realized that my life would never be the same. I felt a burden upon me that was extremely heavy. I wanted to give back to my African American community and felt that it was up to me to make a difference in my community by bringing awareness to the people in various aspects, not only locally, but eventually around the world.

Pro Media Mag: Any reason/ story behind going for the name ‘Consciousness Magazine’?
Aaron Robinson: When I was seeking to find myself and to know who I was as an individual, I would read inspirational and motivational books. I would begin to study who I was as an individual, along with studying my history, heritage and my culture. I learned about various religions and community groups that advocated for change. Once I began to open my mind, I would implement what I learned by taking full responsibility and being accountable for my actions. With that in mind, I wanted to bring awareness to the vision I had of starting the magazine. I added in many of those aspects. This is where Consciousness Magazine stems from. Since the word ‘consciousness’ is broad, I added the word ‘magazine’ to it to differentiate it amongst other publications.

Pro Media Mag: What kind of feedback you are getting from your readers?
Aaron Robinson: Over the years the feedback has been very amazing! It has been positive and very uplifting feedback that we receive from our audience; nonetheless, the readers, celebrities and significant individuals that we interview. To start something from scratch and to have people embrace it – is very gratifying.

Pro Media Mag: What kind of news / stories your magazine covers?
Aaron Robinson: Our content is inspiring and motivating. We cover stories on celebrities, lifestyle, health, environment, sports, technology, community efforts, arts and culture. We also produce content that have a substance that brings awareness and enlightenment to our readers.

Pro Media Mag: What’s the best part of being a magazine CEO?
Aaron Robinson: The best part of being a magazine CEO is meeting people from all walks of life. I work with a group of people who value my work and believe in me. I choose to work many components of developing the magazine, so my career never gets boring. When I attend events and engagements I get to meet and talk to individuals I thought I would never meet. The role is sporadic; I never know what will be a surprise or who may reach out via a phone call or an email. Moreover, I get to bring enlightenment and love to people lives.

Pro Media Mag: Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Aaron Robinson: This year marks our 16th year anniversary. I want to thank everyone who stuck by us and continue to support Consciousness Magazine. Feel free to visit us at www.consciousnessmagazine.com. Follow us on twitter at www.twitter.com/consciousmag and instagram at www.instagram.com/consciousnessmag. You can purchase or subscribe to us online at digitals stores. I can be found on twitter at www.twitter.com/iamcomprened and instagram at www.instagram.com/iamcomprened. I am the author of several books including How to Self-Publish a Magazine, The Artwork of Aaron Robinson and Prestige Interviews. I also sit on the board of a youth non-profit organization called Still I Rise. We facilitate various initiatives and events in our community located south of Chicago. Feel free to visit us at www.still-iRise.org.

Pro Media Mag: Where do you see your magazine in the next 5 years?
Aaron Robinson: I see it broadening out more. I see us growing international. I also see us facilitating major events and having a household name as a publication.