Coffee and rain is a match made in heaven. Well, unless you’re out in the open holding your cuppa and its starts pouring rain. All of a sudden you are left with your cup of coffee in one hand while trying to open and hold your umbrella with the other. One slight push or shove and bam goes your coffee or your umbrella exposing either you or your cup of joe to the rain.

Here enters Brollee coffee holding umbrella.

Coffee holding Umbrella

An ingeniously designed umbrella that lets you hold your coffee AND the umbrella at the same time. Sounds too good to be true, right?
The Brollee umbrella is a unique take on the classic umbrella design constructed using the most robust materials. The Brollee umbrella boasts a 48” arc-diameter canopy made with 190-thread count fabric that allows it to stop rain water and sustain strong winds.

What makes it special is its ergonomically designed beverage holding handle that allows the users to seamlessly make their way through even the heaviest of rains without the fear of spilling their coffee. The umbrella shaft is made with top grade fiberglass and the frame system uses reinforced fiberglass for extra endurance.
There are four fantastic colors to choose for these coffee holding umbrellas from Brollee. So go ahead and buy yours today for $AU69.95 (US$50, UK£40). Although the company is based in Australia, worldwide shipping is available for just AU$15.

Coffee holding Umbrella

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