Getting wrapped up in the emotions of Shunsuke Funakoshi

Almost everyone loves movies, because they let you live vicariously through fictional characters and situations. You get to live experiences you’ll never have; you get to see places you’ve only dreamt of. They cause you to get wrapped up in levels of emotion that only art can evoke. We have found a reason to be excited about cinema again: Shunsuke Funakoshi. He is a screenwriter with a specialization in sci-fi who will take you to the farthest reaches of your own imagination. His unusual concepts call for emotions hard to find in contemporary filmmaking. He gets his inspiration from experiences he’s had in America and through those of loved ones and acquaintances. Most importantly, Shunsuke enjoys stirring up emotions in his audience.
One notable example is his most recent work, Univocal, which was nominated for various film festivals across U.S, including the New York Film Awards. All the characters come from different backgrounds and speak different languages and yet they’re able to communicate with each other. Shunsuke has created a unique story with depth and genuine human behavior. He previewed his film at several film festivals where it was selected among other nominees. Shunsuke graduated from college in 2018, and since then he has written and developed screenplays with the skills he gained in school and from years of working at his craft. He continues to receive nominations and awards for his unique work. Shunsuke is based in Los] Angeles, California and works at production company Mt. MELVIL.

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