Makeup is like an art, and you are not less than an artist, we believe. Giving you the power to turn yourself into a beautiful portrait is our main aim.

Imagine, you are a very talented artist and you want to create a masterpiece, but the paints aren’t good enough, they don’t support you. An artist is not complete without its kit and so isn’t a make-up without a good liquid matte lipstick.
Although many view lipsticks as a tool, which allows a person to look gorgeous but underneath the surface, a good quality lipstick provides many benefits.
Nyasia Cosmetic’s great quality of liquid matte lipsticks helps you with:-
• Enhancing your beauty and thus giving you a glamorous confident look.
• Hydration of lips, our liquid matte lipsticks preserve the natural state of your lips.
• Works as a sunscreen for your lips, protecting your lips beauty from harmful sun rays.
• Gives you an amazing posture.
We give you the power to look amazing without making you sad about your wallet
Our customers are always our priority and we care about them first and foremost. Nyasia Cosmetic provides its client with best quality liquid matte lipstick at a very affordable price. So you can look glamorous without spending a lot of money.
Every product of our company is created with delicacy and especially is designed as for your needs. We never comprise our quality, giving you best while costing you least. Our experts take care of your lips and then design the shades.
We are committed to our customers, to give them the power to choose from a wide range of lipsticks. We have so many shades you can pick up and try, have fun while discovering who you are.
The strength of the brand is laid in an international formulation of our product. It’s premium packaging and a constant innovative product is the reason for fast growing demands in the targeted segment of the society those are, the independent women of the new generation who are more inclined to the global trend in fashion. Who never fails to rock the shades on their lips.
Although we always admire the genuine beauty in every lady in the society, Nyasia Cosmetics believes that women deserves purest and authentic beauty products and at an affordable price. We have benchmarked in the quality of our product and assure customers to receive genuine and fresh products directly from the authorized distributors and manufacturers.