Denis Ogorodov

Apparently, being raised in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth doesn’t guarantee that you will stay there forever. Denis Ogorodov, the talented film and digital editor (among many other talents), moved away from his lovely hometown right after he graduated. He went straight to London and then earned a degree in Screen practice and Film Studies, graduating with honors.

The story doesn’t end there, ladies and gentlemen. This most interesting artist decided to move to Los Angeles to continue developing his craft at the prestigious Art Center College of Design. Who would do that, you might ask? Well, someone who was completely taken with motion pictures and the idea the he would work in that industry. And that’s exactly what he did right after he graduated from Art Center. But before he left he was given the opportunity to produce a project for Nike, which catapulted him head first into the industry as an intern at Reset, the L.A. production company.

He ended up getting hired and worked there for two years. While at Reset Denis also worked as a Layout Artist, Digital Assets Manager, Treatment Coordinator and Designer. He designed and collaborated on treatments for multiple award-winning projects, including Acura, Cisco, Microsoft, Google, and many others. He worked as a Production Designer and Editor on the promotional video “GTA: Rise,” which garnered over 13 million views on YouTube.

After leaving Reset he freelanced and edited commercials for clients such as: PayPal, Sun-Maid and Target. He also collaborated with the production company The Famous Group and BCG Digital Ventures and corporate giant Saudi Aramco on a unique project documenting DV’s business ventures.

Denis has also worked on a number of films, including Heart and Lungs, Get a Job, Grand Theft Auto: RISE and The Passing Parade. He has worked as an Editor, Cinematographer and Production Designer on different projects. In The Passing Parade Denis collaborated with Picture Mill producer David Midgen and that film is scheduled to be released in 2018. It is the story of how a famous playwright’s life is turned upside down when she is forced to look at the choices she has made. Denis is having a great year – a busy year. And he is looking forward to an even busier one in 2018.

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