ClubTimber offers beautiful selection of exotic jewelry at affordable prices

At ClubTimber discover the most beautiful selection of exotic jewelry available, with the unique look and style that will accent any wardrobe……and find YOUR global treasure today!

ClubTimber is about the intersection of culture, aesthetics, and practicality. At ClubTimber, the products are sourced with intentionality and pragmatism to bring you the best “treasures” that they have discovered across the globe. They seek to find the extraordinary and bring it to the forefront. In short ClubTimber is a source of discovery because of their motto: Never Stop Exploring.”

Seemi Moon

Hi, I am Seemi, a fashion designer and an expert blogger. I have done BCS and also Diploma in Fashion Designing. Blogging is my profession and fashion is my passion. I also got more fashion blogs, where I share my Love for fashion with my readers.

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