BLENDz makeup & styling is run by Makeup artist, hijab/hair stylist based in Greater Manchester. She takes makeup and styling as an art rather then a profession, that makes her different from other makeup artist. So if you lives near her and want to get yourself ready for a party, wedding or any kind of event she will give a perfect look within no time.

BLENDz makeup & styling

Her work is not limited to doing the makeup, she also offers tutorials on a one to one basis, on makeup, hijab styling and other such things you should know. Means she will teach you how to get into a perfect style.

Apart from that Blendz Makeup and Styling also sells jewelry and hijabs at reasonable prices. You can say it’s a one stop shop for makeup, hijab and hair styling needs. From makeup,styling to hijabs and jewellery,you can literally find anything for your wedding and party requirements there.

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