We got a big news to share with our readers. Pharmaceutical companies and scientists have been doing scientific researches and experiments to overcome the fatal cancer disease. Although we are already using some medicines, chemotherapy and other such techniques to try to get rid of this disease but all of these are not 100% effective in most of the cases. Apart from that there is risk of effecting the healthy normal cells in the process.

But these healthy normal cells won’t get effected now ! 

Cannabics Pharmaceutical company has effectively executed programmed cancer cell death in 5 organ types- breast, ovarian, colon, pancreatic, and glioblastoma, with no effect on healthy normal cells.

High Throughput Screening technology was used to obtain these results and it clearly indicate that the company’s cannabinoid compounds caused apoptosis (programed cancer cell death) in all cancer types mentioned above with no effect on healthy normal cells.


You can checkout the complete report here on Yahoo