Mandy Nachampassack-Maloney, author of Autumnal Dancer, was inspired to do a look with a magical quality similar to her main character Evenarri. Mandy says that, “Evenarri’s look between Autumnal Dancer and An Uncertain Proposal, the short story, changes. She goes from a college kid who has no means, no family, and no ties to a queen of her people. While her look starts out as a combination of earthy and shabby chic, it ends with her looking more polished.” Of her own style Mandy says, “I teach dance, so my go tos are yoga pants and athletic tanks. I do wear makeup, but it’s usually just tinted lotion and coppery blush.”

Mandy Nachampassack Maloney

For the Evenarri inspired look Mandy used Velvetine’s Wicked lipstick on herself which she says, “would definitely be Evenarri-approved. She’d be into the vegan beauty products.” Mandy also donned a blonde curly wig from While Evenarri has cappuccino colored hair Mandy said, “There’s something about changing your hair, mine is naturally almost black, that makes you feel like you’re a different person. The wig helped me get into character.”

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