We met Audrey Soie in Berlin Fashion week. It’s a designer with lots of talent. Crazy colours and butterflies on her scarves do not leave anyone indifferent. For her authentic designs and free-minded fashion brand Audrey Soie was featured as a “Talent of the Show”.
We asked Audrey about her label creation. Apparently, all her designs are made by hand and then printed on high quality materials like silk and cashmere with ecological inks. Audrey showed her hand-made samples and explained, that on hand-painted silk traces of paint make it less flexible and soft. And her authentic printing technology allowed to combine both advantages: unique drawing and high factory quality. This makes her products unique on the market. But Audrey outlines personal perception and connecting to people as a key to the success of her brand: “An artist paint not so much by brush, but by heart. In addition to artist hand, I have my own methods of painting. But the most essential is that every scarf has a story. Being an artist to me is all about being honest. The more you open your soul to share your inmost experiences, the more you find people who notice similarities in their way of thinking and vision with yours. And those people once they discover you, become the most loyal customers of the brand.”
As every fashion addict, we hunt for latest trends and styles. Here is our choice look of Berlin Fashion week: Dolce and Gabbana black suit, velvet jacket with golden metallic stripes together with Audrey Soie Kaleidoscope scarf with rich yellow-gold to orange gradient pattern. Perfect for a day, perfect for a night!