American actor / rapper Pete Driver is making a name for himself

Pete Driver

Pete Driver is an American actor/rapper from Griffin, Ga. He stars in the new Independent film “Da Story B4 Da Glory” as the character “Shirt Off” which is the right hand man to the local drug dealer “Kash” which is played by his label mate Champ B. Newton.

“My brother Brandon (B.Gizal) and CEO of Dale Drive Intaprize had been trying to shoot this film for a while. One day I would be acting, and the next I would be assistant producer. The beauty of it is that you get to learn Damn near everything.”

Pete Driver actor

It was a great experience and a huge accomplishment for everyone involved. Pete also has a new single titled “Bad” which is gaining traction.

The song features the Pop / R&B artist Lynn Tate who has worked with producers such as Zaytoven. Pete and Lynn also shares the spotlight in the short film “Ivory’. which tackles several issues faced in the black communities.

Pete Driver Rapper

He states ” Its always fun working with Lynn. She has that energy and that it factor”. The new single “Bad” is availble on iTunes, amazon etc.

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