All natural body and bath products by Ms. Kitty’s Apothecary

I recently came across a shop on etsy named ‘Ms. Kitty’s Apothecary‘. On thorough survey of the products and their ingredients I was left with no other option but to share my observation with my readers here. It’s good to see a whole lot of beauty and bath products made from nothing else but all natural ingredients. There are products for your skin, your body, your hair, eye lashes and even for men’s beard. And all made of harm free natural ingredients, good to see that.


The store owner Kitty Bionic crafted each item herself. Actually she went through a bad phase of her life and suffered childhood bone cancer. After recovering for it she used all these natural ingredients to heal up herself. And on good results she was suggested to share her knowledge and experience with the world so that others can get benefit out of these ingredients as well. Luckily she did took it seriously and crafted all these products and now she is helping thousands of customers using these very effective body and beauty products. And with the increase in her sales and happy customers we might even see some new and exciting products from her added in the store. Her current product list is appreciable as well. You will surely love your visit to Kitty’s etsy store and definitely end up buying a product or more for yourself.


Seemi Moon

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