You care about the world and those that inhabit it, whether it’s people, nature or wildlife. Therefore, you want a career that gives back and cares for the community. But what careers can make this a reality?


  • Emergency Responder

Whether you become a police officer, EMT or firefighter, becoming an emergency responder means you can touch the lives of many and help those in desperate medical need. Protecting others will need to be in your blood, along with giving them the care they need and deserve.

Depending on the type of emergency responder you want to be, there are different requirements that you’ll need to hit. However, you will need to have a sympathetic and caring personality, be able to drive, be physically fit, and undergo any training that is presented to you.


  • Nurse

Being a nurse allows you to feel good, and it is the ultimate career path for those who want to help others. You’ll have a compassionate heart, will be strong-willed and determined, and most of all, will be a people person – some patients love to talk, so communication skills are essential.

You will be tending to wounds, helping doctors, speaking to and caring for patients, and keeping on top of admin and ensuring the facilities are clean and running smoothly. Being a nurse is no easy ride, but it can give you job satisfaction, and it is also becoming an in-demand job.


  • RCFE administrator

An RCFE administrator is someone who manages a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly. While you may not be providing caregiving to the patients, you will be running and overseeing the management of the facility.

You can learn about administering an RCFE through reputable sources and the courses/training you have to undergo. Typically, you will need to have certain skills already, such as a good character and reputation, a high school diploma, and the knowledge of providing care and supervision.

You will need to maintain the certificate you receive and renew it every two years.


  • Behavioral counselor

Work with your clients who are suffering from a type of addiction and offer them one-on-one counseling or group therapy. You will be trusted to provide healthy coping mechanisms and offer insight into why they may be acting a certain way.

You will need a bachelor’s degree but also a license and hours of supervised clinical experience.


  • High school teacher

Influence the youth of today by working with them in developing their skills and shaping them to be healthy adults. While it’s not an easy job, being an educator can help you give back to the community, and if you enjoy spreading knowledge and being organized, these are added bonuses to the role.


  • Veterinarian

Animals need to be looked after just as much as humans. Love to care for pets and ensure they have a great quality of life? If so, then improving the life and bringing sick pets back to health can be rewarding. Save the lives of a person’s best friend and watch you bring joy and hope not just to the animal’s life but also the owner’s.