glovesIt’s time to put those light weight summer accessories away, and welcome the new season with luxurious must­ have essentials. Here we have put together five stylish and affordable autumn/winter accessories for the ultimate chic fashionista.
Touch Screen Leather Hand Gloves
If you’re a city slicker and always on the go using the latest technology, you don’t need to suffer having cold hands. These soft leather gloves work wonders and allows you to carry on using technology whilst they’re being worn.
Silk Printed Scarf
Winter clothes appear dark in colour, from dark denim jeans to grey polo necks. Add a pop of colour to your winterwear by sporting one of these exclusive silk scarfs.
Fingerless Knitted Mittens
If you’re not a fan of wearing gloves, but still want to keep your hands nice and warm, don’t fret. These on­ trend knitted fingerless gloves will do the trick! You can also turn them into mittens for those extremely cold mornings.
Fur Leather Hand Gloves
For the lady who likes to look her very best at all times, these real fur leather gloves will add a luxurious touch to any out fit. Since they’re dark in colour ­ they’re extremely versatile and comfortable to wear.
Artistic Peacock Feather Gloves
If you’re a lady who likes their personality to shine right through, then these statement Peacock feather gloves are made for you. These gloves are not only stylish, they’re also a work of art.
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