Whether you are working in office, going for gym or sports activity or going on a short trip backpack can be your best companion. It can not only keep your things secure and safe but also gives you the comfort of keeping all things intact for your office or gym. But what if your office and gym timings are interconnected ? You will need two backpacks ? One for keeping office stuff and other one for gym or sports stuff? That would make things nasty and hard to manage. And its almost impossible to carry two bags unless you have a car to keep them. People at Casten Design had been working on this issue and finally they have come up with and exciting and inspiring solution Vandra Backpack- one backpack for office and gym.

Vandra backpack

You must be thinking how is it possible to keep two type of things in single backpack it will mix them up and makes things even worst. No ! That wont be the issue with Vandra backpack as they have two separate compartments, for sports and office. Now you can easily put your office files, laptop and others things in office compartment and sports and gym stuff in the other one.

Isn’t that great? Now you can get all your sports and office stuff ready all the time in a single backpack easy to carry and stylish in design. Your Vandra backpack will act as your personal assistant. Vandra keeps your gear neatly organized, comes with external USB port and a unique anti chock system to protect your gadgets. They know very well what kind of stuff you are gonna put that’s why they have taken care of even minor kind of things just like the air cushions to protect your laptop from drop. Also hidden pockets and zippers to keep your valuable things more secure.

Vandra backpack Features

And one things more you can easily convert it from backpack to sling backpack. So many features in a single backpack. And the price is reasonable as well only $115. Currently there are three versions of these backpack available.

So what are you waiting for ? Act fast and make things easier for yourself. Buy your backpack at www.castendesign.com