How do you choose a good perfume? Preferring the big brands? Going for the fragrance? Or the price factor has big part to play in it? As per my experience all these things are mixed up in most of the cases. But I always ponder about few points. If we go for big brand, the famous brands every other person would have used this perfume or atleast know the fragrance we are wearing. Nothing unique at all ? Isn’t it.

And if we take only fragrance into consideration then there may be other factors we would be missing. Particularly the quality factor. What if the fragrance is good one and it smells great but due to low quality manufacturing it leaves a deep mark on your shirt ? Saving a few penny in perfume can result in loosing hundred of bulks in clothing. And the last factor price shouldn’t be the only factor to consider as well. If you are the one who go for the lowest price, expect the lowest quality as well. And if you are on the other side of the river and think all the products with high prices are good, you have lost everything in the waters then.

For me nothing but quality and uniqueness does matter. That’s the reason David LISS Perfumes have become one of my favorites. It doesn’t matter what kind of fragrance you prefer, they got the ones you will always fall for. For ladies it’s a spell bounding and enchanting Fabulous Lady perfume that will grab the attentions of everyone around. Made from quality ingredients, there is a touch of uniqueness in this perfume. And the price is reasonable too.


And for the men the graceful Fabulous Men perfume is surely the best choice. You can wear it with grace and dignity as it’s not common fragrance at all. And when you smell different you will automatically get the attentions of the people around. Quality has never been issue with any of David LISS Perfumes. So you wont have to be afraid of any marks on your shirt at all.

In short David LISS Perfumes has won my heart. Whenever I wear fabulous lady perfume, I actually feel fabulous as on a  number of occasions my colleagues and friends have asked what fragrance I am wearing and that feels really cool. I would recommend you to try them out as well. You would love the experience.