chelsea ingram

Within a short span of time Actress Chelsea Ingram has impressed everyone including film critics and able to win the hearts of her fans. She is a highly skilled and naturally talented actress. Her versatility in acting will definitely win her more success in her career and trust from film makers.

We recently got an opportunity to have a seating with her. So we are sharing our conversation with her here with our readers.

Pro Media Mag : Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Chelsea Ingram : Hey there! I am Chelsea Ingram an actress based in both Sydney and New York City.

Pro Media Mag : What inspired you to get into this industry?
Chelsea Ingram : I began performing professionally on stage as a young girl. My parents were getting a divorce and I found that when I was on stage it was the only time I could forget and let go of any tension. I guess that’s what inspired me -acting is the only time I feel completely in control and yet open and free at the exact same time, it’s a complex emotion, but extremely cathartic.

Pro Media Mag : You have played a leading role in upcoming independent feature “Tommy battles the silver sea dragon”. Tell us more about it?
Chelsea Ingram : ‘Tommy’ is a musical based feature film directed by Luke Shirock it is currently in post production but plans to be released in upcoming months. I can’t speak that much more about it right now but I played a leading role and we shot in Detroit. Working alongside both Celine Held as a lead and Luke was an awesome experience. The film is quite dark and I can’t wait for the end result!

Pro Media Mag : One of your short films has been selected as a finalist in the Western Sydney Film Festival. You must be excited about this?
Chelsea Ingram: I totally am! I played the lead in ‘Behold’ and it was such a rewarding experience. The entire film is shot in one take, so as an actress it was extremely challenging. The amount of rehearsal that went into the film was insane!

Pro Media Mag : Are you inspired by someone in the industry?
Chelsea Ingram: Bjork. Her work in ‘Dancer in the Dark’ is breathtaking, as an actress she truly lives in the moment and takes the audience on an immensely powerful journey.

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best role you have played so far ?
Chelsea Ingram: I played Izzy in an Off Broadway Production of Rabbit Hole at the Marilyn Munroe Theatre in NYC directed by George Loros. The character Izzy was so fun with comedic lines, but she also had many hidden elements of loss and rebirth, I dove into her story and got lost within her characters narrative. Each night on stage I found a new objective behind her character.

Pro Media Mag : Tell us about your role in Primitive Grace company. Any project in line under the company?
Chelsea Ingram: I am an ensemble member of the New York based company which Is directed by Paul Calderon, we have just signed onto an upcoming deal with my first written play Keep Calling – I have been asked to perform as a lead alongside Luke Edward Smith.

Pro Media Mag : Have you set some goals to achieve as an Actress?
Chelsea Ingram : I do, but I like to keep private about my goals. It is best not to get caught up in where you think you should be in a career that can be so sporadic.

Pro Media Mag : Tell us about your upcoming projects?
Chelsea Ingram : I have just signed up with over 9 films in the year 2017 both features and shorts, with ELO films and Tweed Dreams Productions. The only film I am allowed to speak about is ‘Little’ written by Celine Held – the film is based on the homeless that live within the subway’s of NYC. It is a breathtaking script that deals with drugs, child neglect and abuse. I have been lucky enough to work as a leading role! Keep your eye out for it!!!