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Hair cut, hairstyles, hair treatments and hair color are some of their major hair related services. They got their own hair and beauty products as well. Particularly for girls with curly hair their new Miracle Gel formula can be their favorite hair product, it locks in moisture and prevents frizz for days.


Apart from hair services they also provide the on and off-site makeup and beauty services. That includes makeup lessons and trials. If you have some party to attend and want to get into a perfect look they can provide you makeup services for any kind of event. One thing sure they want you to look unique, gorgeous and stylish but well within yourself. You self esteem, attitude and uniqueness of style is the main thing that matters. And M&C focus on this more than other aspects.

We are not done yet, would like to mention more. They also got jewellery and accessories including necklaces, bracelets, shoes, boots, handbags and belts that will add more glamour and style to your look.


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