This French director has been so busy over the past few years that he has developed a very long resumé along with creating created some beautiful imagery in some very entertaining movies, TV shows and commercials. Didier Beringuer just finished the much anticipated documentary on the life of famous fashion designer Chrisitian Audigier titled VIF. We’ve seen clips of that beautiful piece of work and we can’t wait to see the whole documentary. Didier obviously has a great deal of sensitivity when it comes to dealing with other human beings and we expect him to bring it all to the table with his up coming project Brilliant Silence.

Brilliant Silence is a feature film that stars, Eric Roberts (yes, that Eric Roberts), William Fitchner, Stephen Dorff and Colin O”Donoghue, who played Hook in Once Upon a Time. Didier co-wrote the script for Brilliant Silence and is scheduled to direct the movie, which will be shot in 2017. The main thrusts of the film are, the right-to-die and same-sex marriage, two subjects which are currently political hot potatoes.


Didier is an artist and a craftsman and he makes fine films, which are highly successful, so jumping in the middle of a political brawl doesn’t bother him a bit. Hi films and TV shows all have the human touch, thanks to Didier. The empathy he feels for his characters always comes through and that’s one reason people love to watch his finished projects. Brilliant Silence will no doubt be injected with Didier’s big heart and his full understanding of both of the hot topics involved in the story.

Brilliant Silence, is in pre-production and Didier is working on finalizing his script. Apparently, production won’t begin for a few more months and most of the actors are already signed but there is one or two more that Didier is trying to get for his movie. Those names, of course, can’t be mentioned presently because they haven’t put their signatures to the contract yet.

Didier is also developing other projects as he works on Brilliant Silence. Lucky Bastard, written by A-list scripter David Aaron Cohen (The Devil’s Own, Friday Night Lights) and Oscar-nominated director Uli Edel (Baader Meinhoff Complex, Houdini) will have the Didier touch sometime in 2017 or 2018. He is also working on getting a TV series called IKBAL off the ground as he continues to travel throughout Europe, the U.S. and Latin America shooting commercials when he has breaks from his feature film career.