Most of the skincare products in the market have harmful ingredients in them. So if you go for them you must be ready for the harms and after effects. I don’t say all chemical based products are harmful. Some of them are excellent and may give you the desired result. But chances are definitely there. You either have to be an ingredients expert or you need to consult an beauty expert for the best product. But if you go for all natural skincare products you don’t need any expertise and consultancy at all. Natural products are the most suitable products for all kinds of skins. And in case the formula is good the result will be superb. And as far as my recommendations are concerned I will recommend Vilact skincare products. Most of their skincare products are based on natural ingredients.

I am not the only one who is recommending their products their products are recommended at highest level as well. As some of their products are Award winning products. Recently they attended to the “Natural & Organic products” exhibition in London and their skin lotion made it to the final as best natural skin care product. Not only that, their mother and baby line won a final award as well as best mother and baby product. So that’s the big proof and acknowledgement of the quality of Vilact products.


I am really impressed with their product line. Skin lotion (with almond oil and shea butter and jojoba oil), Skin cream (for damaged and sensitive skin) and skin gel (for after shave and after sun) are some of their top notch skincare products. All of these are with Lactoactive. And their maternal skincare cream and baby cream are no exception. As I have already mentioned both of these products are award winning so all that make these products your ultimate choice.

If we talk about their prices and customer support and service, they are good in that too. Reasonable prices and in time delivery and you will get the answer to your inquiry within 24 hours. All the product pages contain the information about the usage and ingredients of the products. So you can select the product for your skin type and problem easily without any need of expert.

Before leaving you to your choice with the products I must recommend one more product from Vilact. Vilact Tattooed skin gel with Lactoactiv is truly an incredible 3-in-1 gel. The gel not only works to promote the healing of brand new tat-toos but to aid in the healing process of tattoos that have been freshly removed as well. It is a nourishing gel for tattooed skin, specially formulated for newly tat-tooed skin as well as skin with older tattoos. The gel promotes the tooed skin as well as skin with older tattoos.

Being a beautician I have gone through all the aspects of these products including ingredients, effectiveness and price. And I am already recommending them to my clients and also recommending them with my readers here. Checkout the complete products range of Vilact.And don’t forget to share your experience with our readers through our social media platforms.