We are sharing our recent interview with an entrepreneur Nicholas Gill.

When did you start the Facial Expressions Research Group and was it difficult what did you have to go through?

I  started my first Company the Facial Expressions Research Group in 2010. I was only 14 years of age. I purchased my office building in Portugal Quinto de Lago, I never stopped working through the whole day and night. I was determined that my company was going to succeed and accomplish something great I said. While I was also living in Dublin and studying in Rockbrook it was even more difficult.

What is InPulsed and what does InPulsed do for other people ?

Ireland has it’s very own first social networking website thanks to Businessman Mr Gill and it’s called InPulsed. What is does for you is let people connect with family,friends and colleagues It’s new and simple to use but it’s very elegant and at the same time you can share your thoughts, opinions, aspirations and even photographs.

When you became famous how did you feel?

I felt extremely strange I told the press I never imagined myself doing what I am doing today. I said Facebook does not mean much to me except only contacting my friends around the world.

As your the owner of a social networking site and a Newspaper how does this make you feel ?

I feel I have succeeded in making Ireland’s first social networking website. I wanted something new, fresh, exciting different yet elegant and easy to use.

When you got the contract with the investigation team for your main company how did you celebrate ?

I celebrated by hanging out with my friends and being accompanied by my assistant and going to purchase my very first Rolex watch. Every time I wear my watch it reminds me of my journeys and successes through my life.

What is your favorite music to listen to when you need to concentrate ? I love nothing more than strolling around in his neighbourhood in Foxrock listening to Enya and admiring the scenery of trees and Mansions which helped him get inspired. Sometimes when he is on his yacht with a glass of Champagne and making decisions about his future. 7. At what age did you make your first Million ? When I was in my young age I always looked at my parents and how they succeed, I made my first Million when I was about 16 years of age and it was all up from there with ambition and hard work. As I said before many times money makes money.”